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Detect & remove W32.klez.h & W32.Elkern.c virus

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Chernobyl virus rides Klez's coattails

The ancient virus engineers a comeback tour, hitting messages already infected by the fast-spreading, chart-topping Klez worm.

By May 6, 2002


Why cyberscofflaws get off easy

CNET News.com's Declan McCullagh explains why convicted virus and worm authors are more likely to do Club Fed than hard time.

By August 16, 2004


'Atak' worm variant linked to al-Qaida sympathizer

Variant of "smart" worm that sleeps to avoid antivirus scans bears signature of hacker who's claimed support for the group.

By July 16, 2004


Antivirus companies muting false alarms

A new Symantec tool is designed to squelch e-mail notifications that wrongly tell people they've sent e-mail containing a virus. Other security companies are likely to follow suit.

By May 12, 2004


Klez attack may wipe out attacker

A minor variant of the virus is set to go into action Friday, erasing a host of files on infected hard drives. But the maneuver may backfire.

By September 5, 2002


Klez remains atop virus lists

The Klez worm is topping lists of the most active viruses for yet another month, although several new pests made strong showings.

By August 1, 2002


Report: Rise in virus attacks costs firms dearly

Not only did companies suffer more virus infections last year, but they had to also spend more--an average of almost $100,000--to cure them, according to a new survey.

By March 19, 2004


Antivirus company says Klez worm is No. 1

Klez.h, the voracious variant of the Klez worm, not only stole the crown for "most widely spread virus" but also accounted for more than 96 percent of all reports of virus attacks in the month of May, Moscow-based antivirus company Kaspersky Labs said on Monday. CIH and Elkern, two other viruses that have been found piggybacking on the Klez virus, have together made up another 1 percent. Data on the Web site of U.K.-based mail service provider MessageLabs indicates that Klez has surpassed SirCam as the most prolific virus. The company has intercepted more than 767,000 copies of SirCam and has caught almost 908,000 copies of Klez.

By June 3, 2002


Klez.h wins sibling rivalry

It's proving to be the No. 1 son of the original Klez virus, leaving its sibling Klez.i in the dust and overtaking SirCam as the most virulent computer virus yet.

May 28, 2002