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A Kitty Crush Techno Kitten Meow Adventure with Kitteh Rainbows

A shout out to all the students that helped make this game!** Kitteh is Hear to save the princess in this awesome cat castle adventure!*** Moewsome...


Techno Kitten Adventure

* FREE MEAT PACK! 4 a Limited Time :)Navigate a kitten by jetpack, fueled by hopes and dreams, through a fantastical world of techno music."Techno...

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Welcome to Hyperborea, where the Penguins are large and the Kittehs are hungry. Duck and Jump your way to glory! Can you summon the King of Penguins?


Falling Bird - Son Of Flappy!

Kitteh Kat has knocked little Flappy Jr. from the nest. Avoid the branches to stay alive! For best gameplay experience, please run on...


Skippy Cat - Flappy Jr's Revenge

Kitteh Kat needs to practice her skipping for sports day, but she's not very good at it! One finger gameplay: Tap to skip!! Simples..Warning - this...



Funny up and tweet your photos. Make kitteh think funny shizzle with captions on your photos. Add comic strip style word balloons and beautifully...


Random Kitty

Have you ever stopped to think about how random cats are? Well we have! We often wondered if there was the perfect "App for that." Well there...


Puzzle Slidez - LOLCat Edition

What's better than 1 lol cat? How about 21 lol cats waiting for you!?LOLCat Slidez is a sliding puzzle game that scrambles lol cat pictures, and...


Cat Scan: Your Contacts as Cats and Dogs!

Address Book looking a bit bare? Don't have pictures for all your Contacts? Make them into CATS... or DOGS!Using revolutionary technology, Cat Scan...


iStart My Cat

MEOWZERS!!!! A human irritating device with kittehs!!Implementing the latest in skeu-kitty-morphism this gizmo simulates a traditional cat starter....

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PreTweet saves you from looking like an idiot on social media

No more "amazeballs"! Avoid looking like a twit on Twitter by using the PreTweet service to scrub out overused words everybody is tired of seeing on social media.

By October 22, 2014


'I Can Has Cheezburger' book missing online vibrancy

For the uninitiated, the book will likely expose the charm and humor of LOLCats, but for the faithful, it may well come across as a lackluster collection.

By September 23, 2008