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Word Card for Kids : Kitchenware

Word Card for kids : Kitchenware Flash cards~!! With vivid images and Standard English pronunciation, children can easily recognize objects and...


Baby Bubble Popper 3:Baby Flashcards series (Food and Kitchenware)

This is a Flashcards app for babies. Building vocabulary has never been so much fun.It was specially designed to make learning new words a fun...


Dine like a Time Lord with 'Doctor Who' kitchenware

When a table is set with Sonic Screwdriver silverware, it's easy to guess "Who" is coming to dinner. Add a Sonic Screwdriver washing brush and peeler turn food prep into an adventure.

By September 4, 2014


Meld turns off its smart oven knob Kickstarter campaign

The company will partner with an unnamed kitchenware company to create precision cooking tools. Meld's creators will refund 1,550 backers who gave more than $209,000 to fund the smart oven knob.

By September 22, 2015


Breakfast is coming: Combat Kitchenware for warrior chefs

Arm yourself with a Fighting Man's Frying Pan and the confidence you will defeat your egg enemies, slaughter the sausages, and reign supreme over the stove-top realm.

By November 19, 2012


Baking by bar code

Among new high-tech kitchenware from Salton: a bread maker that can recognize the bar code on a mix, then prepare the loaf correctly. Photos: Now we're cooking

By January 7, 2005


B2B site BigTray inks deal with Visa

Restaurant equipment and supplies company BigTray said Tuesday it teamed with Visa USA to promote online purchasing for restaurateurs. The big credit card company will be an official sponsor of the 11-month-old business-to-business BigTray site and will sponsor sweepstakes contests for BigTray customers who use Visa cards. Nearly a third of restaurateurs use credit cards to make business purchases, and credit cards are the dominant form of online payment. But restaurateurs have been slower to embrace online purchasing compared with their counterparts in the manufacturing, finance and other industries because a large portion of a restaurant's purchases are spoilable foodstuff and kitchenware--items that are tough to inspect online and not suited for mailing.

May 1, 2001


Cooking.com stirs up more funding

The online retailer of specialty foods and kitchenware scores $35 million in its latest round of funding, led by venture capital firm Idealab.

May 16, 2000


Digital Chef spices up product line

Online gourmet food and kitchenware store Digital Chef has beefed up its kitchen-appliance offerings. The site announced plans to add "hundreds of brand-name kitchenware products" to its site. Digital Chef has made serious inroads into the online food niche. Its most recent deal is with America Online, which features its services as an anchor tenant. The $7.5 million deal, forged last October includes shared revenues.

December 9, 1998


Short Take: AOL, Digital Chef in $7.5 million deal

Under a $7.5 million, two-year deal, America Online will feature the services of Digital Chef, an online gourmet food and kitchenware store. Digital Chef will become an anchor tenant on the "Gourmet and Grocery" and "Kitchen and Garden" categories of AOL's Shopping Channel, among other areas. AOL will receive a percent of revenues and warrants to purchase stock in Digital Chef.

October 9, 1998