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Bosch, Siemens, and Miele show off the kitchens of the future at IFA (pictures)

IFA is Europe's biggest gadget show, and as well as phones and tablets that means cool stuff for your kitchen.

12 Images By Sep. 4, 2013


IKEA imagines the mother of all kitchens

According to IKEA, the future kitchen will love you like mom. So does that mean it will nag you constantly about your health, job, and love life?

By Aug. 23, 2010


The high-tech tools of Keller's kitchens

Road Trip 2010: It's not all great ingredients and top-tier cooking at the world famous French Laundry and Per Se restaurants. Thomas Keller, one of America's best chefs, also turns to innovative gadgets.

By Jul. 10, 2010


Kitchens of the future

Five innovative design concepts presented by Indesit at Eurocucina 08.

By Jun. 17, 2008


Electrolux concepts for future kitchens

The Rendez-Vous table is designed as a cooktop with sociability in mind, while the Volare is an all-in-one appliance for smaller kitchens.

By May. 19, 2009


Pressure cooker holds own in modern kitchens

The Fagor Futuro 10-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner combines speed and convenience, two attributes that are always welcome in the today's kitchens.

By Apr. 14, 2010


Emerson brightens kitchens

Looking for something a little brighter than the standard black or white microwave you find at most stores? Emerson offers a microwave in candy apple red.

By Jul. 16, 2008


Yesterday's ranges in today's kitchens

Heartland's wood and gas burning ranges bring a taste of the past to the modern kitchen.

By Jun. 24, 2008


New recipe for green kitchens: Bamboo

Companies push kitchen products made from bamboo as a way for consumers to make their homes more eco-friendly.

By Feb. 6, 2008


The Ginsu electric knife--not just for kitchens anymore

Taking the electricity out of the kitchen and into the great outdoors, Ginsu offers up its new Electric Fillet Knife.

By Jan. 4, 2009