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Microsoft's latest iOS app: Kinectimals

This supercute Xbox port should prove very entertaining to young kids. But here's hoping Halo is next in line for the iOS treatment.

By December 16, 2011


E3 2010: Kinectimals, Star Wars, Portal 2, Zelda and more

This year's E3 conference in LA was a doozy, so click through for our favourite trailers and bits of news on all the hottest new games we're dead excited about

By June 21, 2010


Sony patents touchscreen gaming device dubbed 'EyePad'

Sony could be working on a gaming tablet, according to a recent patent filing, called the 'EyePad'. Now where have we heard that before?

By February 18, 2013


Microsoft pooh-poohs latest Office for iPad report

Microsoft says a report that it's nearly finished with a version of Office for iPad is "inaccurate."

By February 21, 2012


Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 gets UK price tag

Before we can wave our arms around in front of Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox, it's time to get in a flap over pricing

By July 20, 2010


Best Windows Phone apps: Pin these to your start screen now

Nokia's Lumia 800 has given Windows Phone a huge boost, accelerating its App Marketplace. Here are the 16 apps you need to get started.

By November 17, 2011


Kinect playable at Macy's months before launch

Gamers who want to try out Kinect, Microsoft's motion-gaming platform, will be able to do so at several Macy's retail locations nationwide starting now.

By July 16, 2010


White PS3 Slim Japan-bound: 320GB Slim coming to UK?

A new PS3 model in 'classic white' has been announced for the Japanese market, and while it might not make it to European shores, there's hope for a 320GB model yet...

By July 6, 2010


Hands-on with Microsoft's Kinect camera: what works, what doesn't

Having had a few opportunities to play around with Microsoft's Kinect camera peripheral over the past year (then it was still called Project Natal), we were eager to try the seemingly finalized version displayed at E3.

By June 15, 2010


Microsoft's Office 15 intro comes without iPad flavor

Microsoft's new version of Office is primed and ready for tablets and other touch devices, but that probably won't include Apple's iPad.

By July 18, 2012