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Amazon Black Friday deal: $89 Kindle 2

Amazon will be selling its "older" 3G-only Kindle for $89 on Black Friday. We don't know how long the sale will last, but it's an intriguing deal.

By November 23, 2010


Return of the $109.99 Kindle 2

Act fast! Amazon just made more refurbished Kindles available for the lowest price ever. They sold out once, and they'll definitely sell out again.

By July 14, 2010


Amazon Kindle 2

Natali Del Conte takes an in-depth look at the new Kindle and compares it to the experience of using the first generation Kindle.

August 28, 2009


Does the Kindle 2 have a design flaw? Lawsuit says yes

A consumer has dropped a million class action suit on Amazon after his wife's Kindle 2 developed cracks. Amazon had refused to replace the maimed Kindle free of charge.

By July 15, 2009


Is the Kindle 2 gym friendly?

If you read while you work out, an e-book reader is easier to deal with than real magazines, newspapers, or books. Here's why.

By July 9, 2009


Get a Kindle 2 for $299. Or, better yet...

...don't. While the price drop is encouraging, the Kindle is still overpriced for what it offers. Fortunately, there are two cheaper e-book alternatives worth considering.

By July 9, 2009


Amazon drops price of Kindle 2 to $299

It's official: The Kindle 2 got a $60 price shave on July 8 and now costs $299.

By July 8, 2009


Top Kindle 2 covers and accessories

Looking to deck out your new Kindle 2 with a little flair? Here's a look at some of the most popular and best accessories out there. We'll add more as they're released.

By July 7, 2009


Amazon Kindle 2

The Kindle 2 is Amazon's second take on the ebook reader concept.

14 Images By June 30, 2009


Make it better: Amazon Kindle 2

Molly Wood offers some constructive advice on how to make the Kindle 2 a truly killer device.

By June 15, 2009