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North Korea names space agency 'NADA,' mimics NASA logo

North Korea's newly named space agency sports the unfortunate acronym "NADA" and features a familiar-looking logo.

By April 2, 2014


Is this the worst ad Samsung's ever made?

An ad for its 840 EVO Series Solid State Drive gets Reddit posters in an enormous tizzy, after one of the actors allegedly explains his role.

By August 24, 2013


Yahoo rumoured to be buying Tumblr for £715m

Yahoo could be about to buy Tumblr, and it's rumoured to be improving its Flickr photo-sharing service while it's at it.

By May 19, 2013


North Korea: First Eric Schmidt; then... Dennis Rodman?

Somehow, since his recent visit, Google's chairman has paved the way for all sorts of open (and, perhaps, unexpected) exchanges with North Korea. Yes, Dennis Rodman has arrived.

By February 26, 2013


North Korea lets foreigners bring in cell phones

One of the most isolated countries on the planet lifts its cell phone ban for visitors. However, there's still no talking to locals.

By January 21, 2013


Schmidt, daughter open up about trip to North Korea

In a post on his Google+ page, the Google chairman talks about the country's lack of open Internet access. Meanwhile, his daughter Sophie writes a blog account about their "very, very strange" visit.

By January 20, 2013


One Day on Earth is a stunning global snapshot (Q&A)

The first film shot in every country of the world, One Day on Earth is a record of how extraordinary a single day on our planet can be.

By April 22, 2012


North Korean government labels cell phone users as war criminals

North Korea is one of the most closed-off countries in the world, and now its government is trying to limit information flow even more by threatening to punish cell phone users.

By January 26, 2012


Survey: Few Facebookers 'friend' over looks alone

A survey by NM Incite claims that people on Facebook are generally upstanding sorts. 82 percent of them apparently friend people whom they know on Facebook. And a mere trifle of them friend because of attractiveness.

By December 19, 2011


North Korea's army of online game hackers

Kim-Jong Il is looking for virtual gold in them thar video games, or so says a recent report.

By August 7, 2011