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Apple targets Wi-Fi trouble with EFI firmware updates for 2012 Macs

The latest round of Apple EFI firmware updates tackles Thunderbolt, sleep, and Wi-Fi issues.

By December 18, 2012


OS X 10.7.1 fails to address prominent Lion issues

Apple's latest version of OS X Lion is just a small driver and core services update that does not appear to address some prominent issues people are having with their systems.

By August 17, 2011


"IOFireWireWDHID.kext" not loading after 10.6 or iTunes 9 update

If you have used a Western Digital Firewire hard drive with your Mac, and have upgraded to Snow Leopard, you may run across an error where the "IOFireWireWDHID.kext" extension will not load. This may happen immediately after updating, or may happen whe

By September 10, 2009


Time Machine causes kernel panic

Users may find that kernel panics can occur when running system utilities like Time Machine when other programs are installed and causing issues.

By April 14, 2011


Tackling nVidia Quadro 4000 graphics issues with OS X 10.6.7

Mac users who have installed the nVidia Quadro 4000 GPU may experience problems with OS X 10.6.7. Here are some approaches to fixing this problem.

By April 15, 2011


Early 2011 MacBook Pro starts to gray Apple logo, freezes

Some owners have noted an issue with Apple's latest MacBook Pro model (early 2011), where the machine will start up to the gray Apple logo screen without a progress indicator and freeze. Apple has also noted the issue, releasing a knowledgebase article to help with the situation.

By April 8, 2011


Managing cache-related errors in OS X

OS X outputs many warnings and errors that can be seen in the Console application. Some users have found errors involving the ability to create, access, or update caches; here are some approaches for dealing with these errors.

By March 18, 2011


Mac OS X 10.5.3 (#2): system refuses to boot

A fairly typical problem for iterative Mac OS X updates, though more frequently experienced with this release.

By May 30, 2008


Symfs.kext error message: How to resolve

Symfs.kext error message: How to resolve

By September 18, 2006