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Geeksphone Keon

This early developer device acts as a window into a mobile OS alternative that's set to undercut Android, Windows Phone, and iOS.

By May 11, 2013

Please visit the manufacture for additional models.


Firefox OS on the Geeksphone Keon

What does a smartphone based on the Firefox browser look like? Here's one ultracheap handset that paves the way for Firefox phones.

By May 10, 2013


Supercheap Geeksphone Keon runs Firefox OS

We go hands-on with the Geeksphone Keon, a dirt-cheap smartphone running Firefox OS.

By February 27, 2013


Geeksphone Keon: A lower-end Firefox OS phone (pictures)

People who want to help build Firefox OS or test their apps with it need a phone -- and the Geeksphone Keon is designed for them. Here's a look at the lower-end device.

7 Images By February 26, 2013


Firefox phone arrives with Keon and Peak developer devices

The Keon and Peak are developer preview phones to give you a taste of Firefox OS, a potential rival to Android.

By January 22, 2013


Firefox OS phones go on sale, sell out instantly, site crashes

The Geeksphone Keon and Peak with Mozilla's Firefox OS software sold out almost immediately online.

By April 23, 2013


First Firefox OS phones arrive Tuesday for developers

Geeksphone begins selling two phones, the Keon and Peak, starting Tuesday. These lower-budget models are geared for programmers building Web apps for Mozilla's open-source OS.

By April 22, 2013


Singapore yellow pages offers e-phone book

Phone books and yellow pages usually conjure up ideas of heavy volumes marked with pens or, worse still, pages torn out. This year, however, Singapore consumers will see upcoming residential listings going onto CD-ROMs. SingTel Yellow Pages, which issues the phone books, will offer hyperlinks and interactive road maps on the CD-ROMs. This means consumers can get on the Internet to pinpoint the exact location of the addresses they want. Subscribers to residential lines will have a choice between whether they wish to bulk down with the "e-phone books" or go for the tried-and-tested paper versions. They can make their options at the distribution centers. Companies will receive their residential listings on CD-ROM format by default. "By issuing the CD-ROMs with its many enhanced features, we believe that users will find the Singapore Phone Book more user-friendly, helping them retrieve information more conveniently and efficiently," Yow Tau Keon, CEO of SingTel Yellow Pages, said in a statement. CNET Singapore's Susan Tsang reported from Singapore.

By July 20, 2001


RSA boosts Keon security line

Betting that digital certificates will be used to secure many applications in the future, RSA Data Security and parent Security Dynamics plan to make it easy for software developers to build their new certificate server into their products.

June 28, 1999


Short Take: Security Dynamics changes name

Security Dynamics Technologies announced it's taking the name of its well-known subsidiary, RSA Data Security, in becoming RSA Security. The publicly traded company makes security software for e-commerce. RSA Security will begin trading on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol RSAS when the market opens tomorrow. The company also announced shipping new products in its Keon line of Public Key Infrastructure software.

By September 13, 1999