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Internet Explorer transforms into anime heroine

Microsoft Singapore personifies its browser for the OS-tan universe, Marvel characters get their own shows on Netflix, and Sony reveals the apps launching on PlayStation 4.

By November 7, 2013


Cute overload: Line messaging app hits 300 million users

Known for its cartoonish emoticons, Japan's Line is aiming for half a billion users in 2014.

By November 25, 2013


Sweet LOLcats! Puppies and kittens can boost productivity?

CuteOverload may be the cure for work overload. A Japanese study finds looking at pictures of cute animals can be a boost for work performance.

By October 1, 2012


Hello Kitty chainsaw here to massacre us all

Certainly, cute is the last thing that comes to mind here. And we thought she was so sweet and harmless, too.

By June 24, 2010


Hello Kitty may have met its match

Mashimaro makes a play with its new phone

By January 29, 2007


Anatomy of a Hello Kitty toy

Any gut feelings you may have about the silent one's unexplainable success are put to rest with an anatomical peek at the feline's (rather inaccurate) inner cavity, which is uber cute!

By October 22, 2009


Tamagotchi heads for the Wii

Two generations meet

By May 14, 2007


Yuruppy, a virtual-pet petting gizmo

Takara Tomy has upped the ante with a virtual pet that you can "pet" via the touch screen. If you don't want a puppy, you can opt for a kitten or even the odd choice of a chicken.

By March 5, 2009


Japanese create teddy bear robot nurse

Researchers have unveiled an improved nurse robot called Riba that can lift patients from beds and wheelchairs. It has a teddy bear face.

By August 28, 2009


Walkman finds it's easy being green

Special 'Gachapin' edition

By February 1, 2007