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Pentium III will be name for Katmai

Intel's next-generation chip gets the Pentium III handle, a marketing decision that lets the company use its most successful brand name once again.

By January 7, 1999


Intel's Katmai chip aimed at video

Intel's Katmai Pentium II processor, due next year, will boost how 3D graphics and video are viewed and manipulated.

By September 16, 1998


Katmai prototypes out this summer

Software developers will receive prototypes of Intel's successor to MMX along with related software tools.

By May 7, 1998


Katmai chip to get 200-MHz bus

Although the Intel 100-MHz system bus is yet to be released, it will likely have a short life, according to industry pundit Michael Slater.

By March 25, 1998


New MMX on Intel Katmai chip

With Intel's 1999 Katmai technology, a revamped MMX will debut in chips running as fast as 500 MHz.

By January 15, 1998


Intel Katmai chips due in 1999

In 1999, Intel will ship a new processor technology dubbed Katmai, designed to enhance complex applications such as 3D graphics and speech recognition.

By January 14, 1998


Pentium III will widen gap with Celeron

Intel says its next generation microprocessor, code-named Katmai, will be branded as Pentium III and will be released in the first quarter 1999.

By January 11, 1999


Intel speeds 500-MHz rollout

The chipmaker accelerates the release of Katmai, the next-generation multimedia processor sometimes referred to as "MMX 2."

By June 4, 1998