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Share Karma's Wi-Fi, get free data

A mobile hot spot rewards you for sharing Wi-Fi, Aereo streaming TV service adds a cable station, and Apple users can gift an app from their device.

By December 14, 2012


Get a Karma no-contract 4G hot spot for $64.86

You get 1GB of rollover data to start and the potential to earn more. Just make sure you live in a Clearwire coverage area.

By November 21, 2013


Get a no-contract mobile hot spot that 'pays' you for sharing Wi-Fi

The Karma hot spot earns you extra data when you share your 4G connection with strangers. Cool or just plain crazy?

By December 14, 2012


Microsoft creates a social network for students

Microsoft launches a social network with an awkward name, Hulu adds original programming, Facebook buys another app, and will 3G be in the future for FaceTime?

By May 21, 2012


Buzz Out Loud 1443: Google's Double Rainbow Strategy (Podcast)

"Hey, Buzz Crew ..." Google seems to be building out a version of Chrome OS for tablets, which we're calling their "double rainbow" strategy: it breaks your brain. Plus, what Epsilon knew about their social phishing vulnerabilities, and when they knew it. Samsung cuts tablet pricing again, why we're never using Pandora again until we get an email from Tim Westergren, and a seriously old-school hacker story. --Molly

By April 7, 2011


Buzz Out Loud 1402: AOL and the Huffington Post Unite!

AOL joins forces with the Huffington Post, and let's face it, AOL needs all the help can get. While Donald is a little scared. Motorola's Xoom is $799 and it looks like you'll still have to pay to unlock Wi-Fi. Seriously. Plus we talk about our favorite Superbowl ads from the tech world.

By February 7, 2011


Do you really, really need that smartphone?

Gadgets like the iPhone and the Pre are all the rage, but there are alternatives that let you do a lot of the same things at a lower cost.

By July 13, 2009


Trapster turns your cell phone into a police detector

Turn that cell phone into a radar detector with Trapster.

By March 27, 2008