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Newly IDed 'MiniFlame' malware targets individuals for attack

A new malware variant related to the state-sponsored Flame and Gauss cyber-espionage tools can work on its own or team up with its brethren to conduct targeted surveillance, say researchers at Kaspersky Lab.

By October 15, 2012


Pro-copyright group takes SOPA to task

When defending intellectual property rights, the influential Heritage Foundation often sounds like it's channeling Hollywood lobbyists. But not when it comes to the Stop Online Piracy Act.

By December 21, 2011


Android's popularity makes it open target for malware, says study

The popularity and openness of Google's mobile OS has led to a 90 percent jump in malware targeting Android devices this year, says security vendor Fortinet.

By December 6, 2011


Microsoft declares a victory against autorun malware

With new safeguards in place, Microsoft saw 1.3 million fewer infections over three months from autorun, which automatically executes commands when an external device is plugged in.

By June 17, 2011


How to protect your Mac from recent malware

Recently OS X users have been targeted by sophisticated scams via the Web and through downloadable Trojan malware. Here is how to remove this malware and protect your system from it.

By May 17, 2011


Antivirus utilities and recommendations for OS X

Though the Mac has been known to be relatively malware free, the platform's rising popularity is seeing more malware focused toward it.

By January 13, 2011


Your one-stop shop for free online PC scans

PC Flank pokes and prods your system with several different security tests.

By May 7, 2008


Reviews of antivirus programs and security suites

Reviews of antivirus programs and security suites

By January 29, 2008


Google Desktop 3 criticized

EFF, Kapersky Lab say new feature that stores data on Google servers creates target for malicious hackers, feds.

By February 10, 2006


Site-blocking worm carries phishing risk

Worm alters system files to block some antivirus company Web sites--a ploy that could be used in phishing scams, Trend Micro warns.

By April 11, 2005