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FTC: Kids can find adult content in virtual worlds

Minors are able to easily view violent and sexually explicit content in virtual worlds, including some geared for children, the federal agency says.

By December 11, 2009


Kaneva: MySpace + Second Life mash-up

Kaneva bridges the gap between the virtual world and your real-life profile.

By February 7, 2007


ExitReality turns Web sites into 3D sandboxes

ExitReality is a new service that turns Web sites into 3-D worlds. Will that be enough to keep people coming back to it as more than a gimmick though?

By September 17, 2008


Virtual worlds at UTR: social networks, or experiments?

Escape the real world with these social networks that feature expansive 3-D environments.

By June 28, 2007


Favorite new media start-ups

Favorite new media start-ups

By May 3, 2006