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Speak Scrabblish and 'thwack your amis' at Scrabble (Q&A)

"Is That a Word?" author David Bukszpan wanted to improve his Scrabble game, but didn't want to memorize the dictionary. CNET talked to him about the game's unique -- and surprising -- lexicon.

By September 18, 2012


Soccer fans set tweet-per-second record

Soccer viewers are leaving football watchers in the dust when it comes to tweeting during games.

By April 25, 2012


Cesc Fabregas on open-source development

Watch the great footballers and you'll find that they are great because the players around them make them so, just like with open-source development.

By November 11, 2007


Brazil's City of Recife bleeds Red (Hat)

Brazil is moving to Red Hat. Perhaps this is because of how Red Hat plays the open source game.

By September 21, 2007