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Off-topic: Why can't I have this job?

My job requires work, while my brother-in-law gets to hang out with rich and famous sports stars while dressing them in Calle clothes. I call 'Foul!'

By July 2, 2009


Italian soccer star to sue Facebook

Alessandro del Piero, a legend of Italian soccer, is threatening to sue Facebook because the site includes a fake profile linking him to Nazi propaganda.

By February 7, 2009


An Apple exodus due to low salaries?

Doubtful. Apple engineers make less, according to newly available data. But it's hard to imagine that they care.

By June 17, 2008


Funambol's mobile open-source opportunity

Funambol is sitting on a gold mine.

By March 1, 2008


Something to talk about besides Microsoft

Arsenal chases the blues away.

By February 21, 2008


The Open Source CEO: Fabrizio Capobianco, Funambol (Part 5)

The fifth installment in the Open Source CEO Series, this time with Fabrizio Capobianco, CEO of Funambol and leader of the mobile open source world.

By June 20, 2007