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Just5 J509 cell phone

The Just5 J509 is perfect for cell phone beginners.

By July 22, 2010

3.5 stars Editors' rating July 22, 2010

MSRP: $119.99


Just5 J509 (Unlocked)

The Just5 J509 is perfect for cell phone beginners.

By April 1, 2011


DIY autostereoscopic 3D for just $5

All you need for this weekend project are transparency film, a regular 1,200dpi printer, and a monitor that's 24 inches or smaller.

By January 25, 2011


Just5: The cell phone that boasts fewer features

As mobile phone technology leads to more complex--and arguably more functional--mobile phones, Just5 releases a new and unimproved line designed for Luddites.

By July 7, 2010


Just5 is good for grandma

Just5 is a company in Europe that makes phones for the elderly. We take a closer look at them at CTIA.

By March 25, 2010


Just5 (photos)

Just5 is a European company that makes phones for the elderly. Here's a look at a few of them.

7 Images By March 25, 2010


Sun + MySQL in just five weeks

Acquisitions don't take that long, it would seem....

By January 16, 2008


U.K. government funds elder-friendly navigation research

U.K. researchers are working on making motoring less stressful for older drivers with the aid of GPS navigation.

By May 3, 2012


Dialed In 136: RIM on the comeback trail?

The summer has been dominated by Android and Apple news, but RIM's not about to let them have all the fun. The BlackBerry maker is set to make an announcement at an event in New York next Tuesday that might have a little something to do with all those BlackBerry OS 6 previews we've been seeing lately. We take a minute to discuss what the company might unveil. Also on this week's podcast, jailbreaking gets the A-OK from the U.S. Copyright Office and Nicole reviews a pretty cool beginner cell phone from Just5. Too bad it looks like a calculator. Awww.

By July 28, 2010


Dialed In 136: RIM on the comeback trail? (podcast)

It's been a while since we've heard from RIM but the company's cooking up something for next week. We discuss what might be in store and also dish on the latest ruling about jailbreaking phones. All this and more on Dialed In.

By July 29, 2010