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Forrester acquires JupiterResearch for $23 million

The JupiterResearch brand will begin to serve Forrester's "Marketing and Strategy" clients, under a deal announced Thursday.

By July 31, 2008


Online ad spending should grow 20 percent in 2008

Despite a sour economy, JupiterResearch predicts that a trend away from traditional advertising will continue in the coming years.

By June 30, 2008


Web retail sales to dodge effects of slowing economy

A new report says U.S. online retail sales are expected to reach $148 billion in 2008, up 19 percent from 2007. But sales are poised to mature.

By March 7, 2008


Study: Green teens hug the Web

Teens who are most active online and influential with peers are also the kids most concerned about the environment.

By July 30, 2007


Analyst Gartenberg joining Microsoft

By February 15, 2007


Text-for-charity takes off at Virgin Mobile

Don't tell mainstream marketers this, but text-messaging promotions can work.

By July 23, 2007


Teen summer days: On the cell phone

One in five teens say they can't function without their cell phone, and if forced to choose, would give up TV for it, a new survey says.

By July 10, 2007


Sundance puts mobile phones in the spotlight

Robert Redford's independent film organisation is teaming with a global trade association for mobile operators to launch a project showcasing short films specifically designed for mobile phones.

By November 8, 2006


Week in review: Deal or no deal

Deal makers and deal breakers abound, while tech faces test with Olympics. Also: Facebook games.

By August 1, 2008