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Scenes you may have missed: Porn on a train station Jumbotron

Sometimes, just one click can take you from safety to embarrassment. This seems to have happened for one IT worker in China, who displayed a porn movie to travelers. For 10 minutes.

By July 6, 2013


Ring in the New Year with your face on the JumboTron

Kodak will show your celebratory Times Square photos on the big screen.

By December 30, 2011


The secret company behind Twitter's TV takeover

Mass Relevance puts Twitter in front of television audiences, boosting the social network's public profile and altering its perception as a place for more than pointless babble.

By September 21, 2013


Satellites, balloons, and math used to count inauguration crowd

The accuracy of counting crowds for events like the presidential inauguration is improving thanks to cameras on satellites and aerostat balloons, but projections still vary.

By January 20, 2009