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Microsoft pays woman $10,000 over forced Windows 10 upgrade

"I had never heard of Windows 10," travel agent Teri Goldstein tells The Seattle Times.

By June 28, 2016


9 ways Apple's Messages app will change the way you text

Apple announced a ton of fun, new features for its Messages app at the company's annual developers conference. Here are the ones we think will have you saying "Snapchat, who?"

By June 15, 2016


Gawker Media files for bankruptcy, agrees to sell itself to Ziff Davis

Hulk Hogan's victory in court, with a devastating $140 million jury award, pushes the media site to file for bankruptcy protection and put itself on the auction block. A higher bidder could still come along.

By June 10, 2016


Periscope puts abusive commenters on trial

The video streaming app is dealing with abusive comments the old fashioned way -- with a jury of your peers.

By May 31, 2016


Everything coming and going on Netflix for June

"Orange is the New Black" returns for its fourth season in June alongside the first three "Jurassic Park" movies. Find out what else is streaming in June.

By May 23, 2016


Battlefield 1 interview: 'It's not worth stepping on people's memories'

GameSpot speaks to DICE about Battlefield 1's origins, setting and storytelling potential.

By May 11, 2016


Apple is no longer the only company that can sell 'IPHONES' in China

The American electronics giant loses its exclusive rights to the "IPHONE" trademark in the People's Republic, with Chinese courts siding against it in a recent legal proceeding.

By May 3, 2016


A close look at the Huawei P9's dual-lens camera

The Huawei P9 has a rear camera that uses two separate lenses. We take a close up look at what this idea is all about.

By April 8, 2016


How to get free Xbox One copies of Gears of War 2, 3, and Judgment

Play Ultimate Edition by New Years and you'll get backwards compatible versions of Gears of War 2, 3, and Judgement.

By August 3, 2015


'Dallas Buyers Club' wins access to pirates' information in iiNet case

The Federal Court of Australia has handed down its judgement in a landmark piracy case between the makers of Oscar-winning film "Dallas Buyers Club" and one of Australia's largest service providers, iiNet.

By April 6, 2015