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Atari Arcade Duo-powered joystick for iPad

The compact Atari Arcade joystick dock ably converts the iPad into an old-school video game machine that doesn't require batteries, as long as all you're planning to do is play Atari games.

September 27, 2011

3.5 stars Editors' rating September 27, 2011

Stratospheric bid grabs Apollo joystick at auction

Also sold: Buzz Aldrin's Apollo 11 glove and a backpack strap carried during both of Charles Conrad's Apollo 12 moonwalks.

By May 23, 2014


Joysticks and Gear Shifts: Neo Drift Out

Max Prince chases down the good, bad, and bizarre from the golden age of coin-operated motoring arcade games. Today, he parties like it's 1996 with Neo Drift Out.

By November 24, 2013


Logitech Freedom 2.4 cordless joystick

The Freedom 2.4 cordless joystick is worthy of a spot in any gamer's arsenal, but don't expect it to last forever.

November 16, 2003

4 stars Editors' rating November 16, 2003

MSRP: $69.95


Joysticks and Gear Shifts: OutRun

Max Prince chases down the good, bad, and bizarre from the golden age of coin-operated motoring arcade games. This time, he opens a fine bottle of SEGA OutRun and finds out if this '86 has mellowed or turned.

By November 2, 2013


Logitech iPad Joystick review: Same old Fling

Though slightly larger than the virtually identical product made by Ten One Design, Logitech's joystick offers no clear-cut advantages. It's still great, though.

By September 14, 2011


Atari joystick goes all retro on your iPad

Upcoming Atari Arcade Duo Powered Joystick will play nice with the Atari's Greatest Hits app on the iPad. It should shape up to be a more affordable alternative to the iCade arcade-style game cabinet for iPad.

By September 6, 2011


Logitech unveils joystick, folding keyboard for iPad

Get your fingers ready for a full-size Bluetooth keyboard/stand and get your game thumb primed for a strangely familiar stick-on 'stick.

By August 24, 2011


Thumbs up! iPad Fling joystick now in Apple stores

Ten One Design's thumb-rockin' game controller is available for your FPS and RPG titles for $19.95.

By May 20, 2011


Holy joystick! Atari classics land on iOS devices

Atari is offering 99 classic games on the App Store, but the gameplay experience differs greatly depending on the device.

By April 7, 2011