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The 404 1,519: Where we send in the drones

Jeff literally spent the long weekend in a cave and gives us a solid review of Sportsfriends' Johann Sebastian Joust, the TSA bans uncharged devices from flights, shooting fireworks with drones, and more!

By July 7, 2014


Santogold & Diplo, 'Starstruck Remix': Free MP3 of the Day

Their mashing up sets off a shower of sparks, as classic house beats joust with soulful singing and indie-kid spirit. Download a free MP3 of "Starstruck Remix" courtesy of CNET Download Music.

By September 3, 2008


Widgets! Widgets! Widgets! Aren't these just video games?

I can only submit to the pressure of Frogger, Joust and BurgerTime.

By March 3, 2008


Auditors joust over Oracle contract

Auditors for the state of California and the software maker give conflicting testimony over the value of a controversial contract being investigated by a state legislative committee.

By June 5, 2002


Chip rivals joust over speed ratings

An Intel-funded report critical of AMD's chip-naming strategy says there is a "Pinocchio factor" at work. The Intel rival calls the report a "shady marketing deal" that distorts the facts.

By March 27, 2002


NYSE, Nasdaq joust for tech companies

Although the Nasdaq touts itself as the "Stock Market for the Next 100 Years," the NYSE--often considered staid and old-fashioned--could represent reliability.

May 28, 2001


Computer makers gird for holiday battle

Rival notebook makers Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard and Sony are readying their new 2002 models--and preparing for a holiday joust.

By September 25, 2002


Amazon, employees joust over union effort

An attempt by some of the e-tailer's customer service workers to organize their fellow employees has led to conflicting accounts about whether the company violated labor laws.

December 11, 2000


IDT joins pricing joust

September 1, 1999