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Ustream outage due to DDoS aimed at citizen journalist

Hackers target streaming of anti-Putin protests with attack, Ustream says.

By May 9, 2012


Saudi journalist deported for controversial tweet

Hamza Kashgari has been deported from Malaysia for reportedly insulting the Prophet Muhammad in a tweet.

By February 12, 2012


Oregon judge rules bloggers aren't journalists

Judge awards plaintiff $2.5 million after a blogger cites Oregon shield law in refusing to reveal source of blog that accused lawyer of fraud.

By December 7, 2011


Journalist faces charges over transit card flaw reports

Brenno de Winter says case is hindering his writing about smart-card security and other security news and restricting his travel.

By August 1, 2011


I try the Google glasses. Sort of

Sergey Brin lets a few journalists try on the Google glasses, though we don't get access to the really cool stuff.

By June 27, 2012


Hearst Castle, palace to the stars, still shines bright today

Once the playground of Hollywood's most famous stars, journalists, and politicians, William Randolph Hearst's California mansion will always be worth the trip.

By June 26, 2012


Cloze gives relationship scores to everyone you know

It's LinkedIn with a dose of Klout, and it's actually pretty useful. Check out this new e-mail harvesting tool.

By July 2, 2012


Entrepreneurs: Please do your homework on the competition

One of the biggest stumbling blocks that trips up most entrepreneurs is their lack of market and competitive research.

By July 1, 2012


Russian Soyuz capsule brings three station fliers back to Earth

A Russian cosmonaut, a NASA astronaut and a European Space Agency physician-astronaut closed out a six-month stay in space early Sunday with a pinpoint landing in Kazakhstan.

By July 1, 2012


Raspberry Pi to cross Atlantic in solar-powered dinghy

One of the super-cheap Linux systems is going on a journey worthy of a Hollywood movie, or at least a blog.

By June 30, 2012