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Solar Impulse 2 lands in desert after soaring in Silicon Valley

Aircraft is attempting the first around-the-world solar trek. It's stopping in US destinations, including Silicon Valley, Phoenix and New York.

By May 2, 2016


Silicon Valley invests in India's Hike Messenger

Execs from companies like Dropbox, WordPress and Quora have all recently invested in Hike Messenger, a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and Softbank.

By January 12, 2016


Google 'Silicon Valley' for some fictional news Easter eggs

The popular HBO show about a tech startup in Silicon Valley has a nice surprise for fans.

By April 25, 2016


Techiest Super Bowl ever: Silicon Valley's stadium girds for the big game

Levi's Stadium is one of the most high-powered venues in sports. On Super Bowl Sunday, we'll see if its network can handle the data-storm caused by throngs of smartphone-wielding fanatics.

By January 31, 2016


The stars of HBO's 'Silicon Valley' talk...about themselves

Brian Tong sits down with Thomas Middleditch, Zachary Woods, Martin Starr and Amanda Crew who talk about each other for HBO's Silicon Valley Season 3 premiere.

By April 22, 2016


The wildest experiences at Silicon Valley's Virtual Reality expo (pictures)

Over 100 VR companies descended on San Jose, California this week to show off some amazing projects. Here's a look inside SVVR 2016.

15 Images By April 30, 2016


Silicon Valley VCs still clueless when it comes to women

Commentary: Mike Moritz, one of the most influential venture capitalists in tech, suggests that it's women's fault they can't get ahead. He says there's a pipeline problem. I've got an easy fix.

By December 7, 2015


Ellen Pao among female leaders joining forces to help diversify tech

The former Reddit chief is one of eight women uniting for Project Include to encourage tech companies to have more inclusive workforces.

By May 3, 2016


HBO's Silicon Valley cast talk women in tech

Zachary Woods, Martin Starr, Thomas Middleditch and Amanda Crew talk about how 'Silicon Valley' does reflect the tech world's dude fest.

By April 22, 2016


Silicon Valley cries unicorn tears

New data suggest the boom that's showered startups with cash is coming to an end.

By April 13, 2016