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The 404 Show 1,627: Apple Force Touch, The Fat Jew, Amazon workplace, Ashley Madison

How Force Touch might impact Apple's next generation of products; does it suck to work at Amazon? Ashley Madison hackers dump their stolen data; The Fat Jew and comedy credit on social media.

By August 21, 2015


Jews, Gentiles, and the Open Source Definition

Have I been "making a man an offender for a word?"

By September 30, 2007


Google says JewTube is not kosher

Search giant prepares to challenge company's use of "JewTube" name on Jewish-oriented video site.

By September 14, 2007


Holocaust group puts 3 million lost lives online

Bios of half the victims of the Nazi campaign against Jews now haunt the Web, as site searches for 3 million more.

By November 19, 2004


Short Take: Jews for Jesus wins domain dispute

The organization Jews for Jesus won its domain name trademark dispute against a man who registered the name "www.jewsforjesus.org." Stephen Brodsky of New Jersey allegedly tried to divert people from the 25-year-old religious group's site at "www.jews-for-jesus.org." Brodsky's site then criticized the pro-Christian group's teachings.

March 10, 1998


Short Take: Jews for Jesus to sue over domain name

The Jews for Jesus organization is threatening to take legal action against the owner of a Web site using the URL "jewsforjesus.org." The site is the front door to a link to the Outreach Judaism organization, which seeks to bring people who have converted out of Judaism back to the faith.

December 26, 1997


Religion group in domain dispute

The Jews For Jesus organization files a lawsuit against owners of a Web site, charging unauthorized use of the group's trademark.

By January 23, 1998