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Jetway X3SE-ED-128B (128MB HyperMemory)

ATI's Radeon X300SE won't do 3D games justice, but the right bundle can provide that extra video port you've been looking for.

By June 9, 2005

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Report: Fastest AMD chips run with circuit-board fix

A report from review site AnandTech says AMD's high-end quad-core Phenom processors can work, with modifications, on a number of low-end motherboards with built-in graphics.

By May 1, 2008


Flaming LAX laptop was a ThinkPad

Lenovo confirms that one of its laptops caught fire, but it doesn't yet know if Sony batteries were inside.

By September 20, 2006


ThinkPad purportedly flames out at LAX

ThinkPad purportedly flames out at LAX

By September 18, 2006


Chip giant SiS backs Athlon 64

Taiwan-based Silicon Integrated Systems smoothes the way for computer makers to support AMD's upcoming Athlon 64 with two chipsets tailored to the processor.

By September 22, 2003


The row over a chip that "surfed" the Net

Consumer advocate Brian Livingston tracks the genesis of the jitters--and the conspiracy theories--that grew up around a chip that automatically connects to the Internet.

July 27, 2001