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Churches resort to using GPS, in case baby Jesus is stolen

A security company is giving out free GPS devices, so that no one steals figurines from nativity scenes in places of worship.

By Dec. 21, 2013


Vatican: Jesus did Twitter before Twitter did Twitter

A Vatican cardinal insists that it wasn't Jack Dorsey, but Jesus Christ who invented the short, pithy message.

By Sep. 25, 2013


Amazon Publishing to issue bios of Jesus, Hitchcock, other 'icons'

Amazon's publishing arm will publish short bios of "icons" who exhibit varying degrees of goodness, such as Jesus, Josef Stalin, J.D. Salinger, and David Lynch -- but no Jeff Bezos.

By Aug. 15, 2013


'Jesus,' 'welcome' join list of worst passwords

Internet users continue to use many of the same weak passwords used a year ago, according to a new list compiled from password files released by hackers.

By Oct. 23, 2012


Holy fail! Cecilia Prize crowdsources botched Jesus fresco

Ecce Homo: Behold the Internet meme. After a woman in Spain seriously ruins the restoration of a prized Jesus painting, creative Netizens go wild with their own riffs.

By Aug. 30, 2012


Robot Jesus bug goes from walking to jumping

Though it weighs more than 1,100 water striders, this little bot can leap 5.5 inches in the air while skimming the water's surface.

By Jul. 25, 2012


Tweet Jesus! Pope starts tweeting on iPad

Pope Benedict XVI has started tweeting to the faithful with an iPad. Is Angry Birds next?

By Jun. 29, 2011


Apple rejects 'Jesus Face' iPhone app

Me So Holy, an app that allows you to substitute Jesus' face with your own, falls foul of Apple's taste requirements.

By May. 11, 2009


Crave Podcast 89: The Jesus phone, resurrected

Podcast 89 is in the hizzouse! Rory, Shannon, Rupert and the phonemeister Andrew Lim hit the studio to discuss -- among other things -- the launch of the 3G iPhone

By Jun. 13, 2008


Crave Podcast 81: The Jesus laptop

In this episode we discuss mind control in games, GPS systems for tracking the location of your nearest police officer and pubic hair in laptops

By Apr. 18, 2008