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Netflix may be looking to revive another cult TV show

The online video company is talking to CBS about bringing back the sci-fi show "Jericho," says TV Guide.

By May 2, 2012


Deluge of peanuts brings back 'Jericho' TV show

After being swamped with 20 tons of legumes through an grassroots online campaign, CBS relents and resurrects canceled program.

By June 6, 2007


On the security road to 'de-perimeterization'

Jericho Forum is a group dedicated to open standards that make global data sharing and collaboration more secure. Analyst Jon Oltsik suggests a few standards to aid in that effort.

By April 1, 2009


Security group voices concerns over VoIP

Following disclosure of an eavesdropping vulnerability, the Jericho Forum says VoIP tech is not ready for business deployment.

By August 29, 2007


Group wants encryption bans overturned

The Jericho Forum pledges to lobby countries such as China to relax restrictions on encryption, saying such controls hinder e-commerce.

April 27, 2005