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Steve Jobs' perfect pitch: The Macintosh launch

guest post Former Apple executive Jean Louis Gassée takes a nostalgic look at the Mac's historic launch and promises -- not to be confused with the hard struggle later on the battlefield.

By January 23, 2014


Parsing Apple's TV ambitions

People don't replace their TVs every few years, which makes the idea of an Apple TV set less plausible compared to an Apple set-top box, says former Apple exec Jean-Louis Gassée.

By December 10, 2012


How Microsoft will compete with 'free'

Jean-Louis Gassée explains how Microsoft's future business model will borrow from both Apple and Google.

By October 19, 2008


Launchpad Chicken: MobileMe and sync trouble

Jean-Louis Gassée looks into Apple's MobileMe launch misfire and whether the company is capable of running a worldwide wireless data synchronization service for tens of millions of users.

By August 11, 2008


Who knew: Steve Jobs breaks rules

Venture capitalist, former Apple executive and writer Jean-Louis Gassée takes issue with Peter Elkind's rip on Steve Jobs in the recent issue of Fortune. For Gassée, Steve Jobs is Silicon Valley's Yves Saint Laurent, a creator who towers above his profess

By March 10, 2008