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Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) Development Kit (JDK) 5.0

Use this JDK from Sun to develop and deploy your Java applications.

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Java Development Kit (32 bit)

Compile, debug, and run Java applications on your computer.

4 stars Editors' rating on Jun 29, 2014
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Java Development Kit (64-Bit)

Compile, debug, and run Java applications on your computer.

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Develop and run scalable and reliable Java applications.

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JCreator LE

Develop Java applications in a light-weight environment.

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Java SE Development Kit

Open JAR files with a Java platform.

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Java Gui Builder

Build Graphical User Interface (GUI) and have its code written for you.

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Opera Mini PC

Surf the Internet at high speed and reduce traffic.

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Reference for JDK 1.7 API

***** THE BEST Java Development Kit 1.7 API Reference FOR IPAD & iPhone!***** This document is the API specification for version 7 of the Java...

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JadeIDE for Java

Use this GUI to edit your source code more easily.

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New Java 7 exploit can potentially affect Macs

While there are no known attempts to use a newly discovered vulnerability to target Mac users, the exploit has been successfully triggered in both Safari and Firefox on Macs running Mountain Lion.

By August 28, 2012


Oracle, IBM to collaborate on OpenJDK

Joint project will make the OpenJDK community the primary location to facilitate open-source Java SE development.

By October 12, 2010


How to develop Android apps

If Apple's strict app approval process puts you off developing apps, why not start by learning to code for Android? Read this how-to guide.

By July 16, 2012


How to install and uninstall Java 7 for OS X

Oracle's newly released Java 7 runtime is relatively painless to install and uninstall.

By April 27, 2012


APIs take center stage at Oracle-Google trial

The scene of the Oracle-Google trial Thursday was more like a computer science classroom than a courtroom as the witnesses explained the inner workings of Java and APIs.

By April 19, 2012


Disabling Java via the command line in OS X is not easy

Disabling Java in OS X requires doing so for each user account; however, even terminal commands for doing this may be a bit impractical to use as a substitute.

By April 12, 2012


How to take screenshots on the Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire doesn't support screenshots natively, but you can still take them with a little help from the Android SDK. Here's how.

By December 28, 2011


How to take screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 lacks a native screenshot app. If you don't want to root your Android Honeycomb tablet but still want to take screenshots, we'll show you how.

By July 20, 2011


How to take screenshots on your Android device

It couldn't be easier to share pictures with Android--but what if you want to share a screenshot of something weird or awesome? It takes a little prep work and a computer, but you can do it. Read more in this blog post by Rob Lightner.

By May 4, 2011


Eclipse users developing on Linux, considering cloud

Eclipse Foundation's latest report shows that Linux is growing at the expense of Windows and that developers are interested, but not convinced of the cloud.

By June 9, 2010