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Sign that open source has arrived: SpringSource elected to JCP

Open source is increasingly keeping exceptional company.

By Nov. 3, 2008


Scuba diving trumps surfing on Saturn's Titan moon

Headlines described the sighting of waves on Titan this week, but it's really still smooth sailing on the impressively deep lakes of the Earth-ish moon.

By Mar. 20, 2014


Hasheesh: JC Penney offers discount if you say 'hashtag'

Trying to be modern, or something, the struggling retailer will give you $10 off $25 for being as silly as a recent Justin Timberlake-Jimmy Fallon skit.

By Oct. 3, 2013


Apache foundation threatens to quit Java steering group

Apache Software Foundation says it will pull out of the Java Community Process unless Oracle allows the certification of the Apache Harmony project.

By Nov. 11, 2010


Apache foundation quits 'proprietary' Java process

Saying the platform is completely under Oracle's control, the Apache Software Foundation resigns from the Java Community Process Executive Committee.

By Dec. 10, 2010


Oracle, IBM to collaborate on OpenJDK

Joint project will make the OpenJDK community the primary location to facilitate open-source Java SE development.

By Oct. 12, 2010


Google's Android parts ways with Java industry group

Correction: An earlier version of this blog misstated Google's connection to the JCP. Google is a member of the Java Community Process, though not for the Java Mobile Edition version to which the Android software is most closely related.

By Nov. 12, 2007


SAP wants an open Java process (pot, meet kettle)

SAP apparently doesn't understand the irony of a proprietary software company demanding that complements like Java be open.

By Nov. 10, 2009


Step away from the stovetop

The Wolfgang Puck Electric Combination Skillet, Roaster, and Fryer offers the convenience of the stovetop in a countertop appliance.

By Feb. 12, 2010


Report: Java and MySQL doing fine under Oracle

OpenSolaris may be having a hard time at Oracle, but months after Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Java and MySQL are still viewed positively by users.

By Jul. 14, 2010