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F-U-N-D-E-D: Disney ups investments in mind-reading tech

Media and advertising companies turn to brain science to help deliver content you won't forget.

By August 14, 2015


How to avoid getting hacked when shopping online

The hectic shopping season isn't just about finding perfect gifts. It's also prime time for identity thieves to snag your info. Here's five tips from security experts on staying safe online.

By December 16, 2014


Anti-missile tech could help combat malaria

Heat-seeking technology developed for the military's Javelin missile program might soon be used to save rather than destroy.

By July 17, 2014


Mastering engineer says the LP is the most accessible high-resolution music format

The Audiophiliac visits the Masterdisk studio to watch engineer Alex DeTurk at the record cutting lathe.

By January 18, 2014


Identity fraud in U.S. is on the rise, report

Scammers are increasingly gaining access to people's personal information through data breaches and malicious software attacks.

By February 20, 2013


Mobile shopping bringing in $20 billion annually -- study

Shoppers spent $5 billion while using tablets over the past 12 months, a trend that's going to keep growing, says Javelin Strategy and Research.

By September 26, 2012


Olympic Google doodle takes Web boaters on a wild ride

Web giant's latest interactive doodle highlighting events at the London Games gives users a kayak, paddle, and water course to complete.

By August 8, 2012


Google interactive doodle highlights Olympics hoop dreams

In another keyboard event from the Web giant, a virtual athlete lets would-be Dream Teamers try to shoot as many free throws as possible in 24 seconds.

By August 7, 2012


Google doodle tests your fingers' mettle for Olympic gold

New doodle features a one-man hurdles race that tests users' ability to make their athlete run fast with one hand while controlling their leap with the other.

By August 6, 2012


London Olympics celebrated with Google doodle

The games have kicked off, and Google will post a different doodle every day showing a different sport.

By July 28, 2012