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Sanyo's Nintendo-licensed Wiimote charger is Japan-only--for now

Finally, you can save on purchasing all those AA batteries every week for your Wii remote. Nintendo has teamed with Sanyo to come up with a custom battery back based on its eneloop technology.

By July 24, 2008


Japan-only Panasonic laptop battery recall

Japan-only Panasonic laptop battery recall

By September 5, 2006


New Nintendo 3DS models sport NFC and extra buttons

The updated 3DS devices, currently for Japan only, also feature a stronger CPU than existing models and are built to support custom covers.

By August 29, 2014


Japanese carrier KDDI announces HTC J Butterfly

The sequel to last year's Butterfly S, the J Butterfly comes packing water-resistant features as well as dual cameras similar to the HTC One M8.

By August 3, 2014


Do Not Track fine-tuning in Firefox 21

The latest update to desktop Firefox brings more Do Not Track options and more social networking integration, while Android Firefox gets open source fonts for easier reading on smartphone screens.

By May 14, 2013


Office 2013 pricing: What to expect

Microsoft's Office 2013 lineup should be launching soon. Here's what we know so far about prices and packages.

By January 16, 2013


Friday App Wrap

We cut through the dross to find you the most useful, new and updated apps each week.

By November 29, 2012


HTC Deluxe 5-inch enormo-phone spied in new leaked snaps

HTC's upcoming 5-inch smart phone has popped up again in new snaps, showing off some colour options.

By November 23, 2012


Introducing Nasne, Sony's sleek DVR of (Japan's) future

In another example of Japan getting all the neat stuff first, Sony details a beefy DVR and media storage hub that is compatible with its PlayStation, Vaio, Tablet, and Xperia lines.

By April 17, 2012


Red 320GB PS3 on sale 27 April, for £250

The PlayStation 3 is getting a splash of colour, with a red version going on sale in just under two weeks.

By April 15, 2012