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Ep. 850: Where Jill will do anything for love

Aunt Jill's been busy with her own podcast Jill On Money, but today she joins us on The 404 to answer your financial questions. Listen to this episode to find out what each of us did in our teenage years to make money, how kids today can make the most of their time, the best investment for an automobile, and the best way to handle your monthly credit card debt. Plus Jill helps us out with another Tang That Tune, now with a video and audio intro thanks to Patrick and Jamey!

By June 29, 2011


The 404 223: Where Wilson gets serviced for his birthday

Happy birthday Wilson! You're officially the oldest 24-year-old we know! To help celebrate we get a call from The 404 unofficial sound man, voice actor and eBay impulse buyer Jamey Lewis. How's that for getting your AC unit serviced? 404 fans around the w

By November 7, 2008