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Kit Harington of 'Game of Thrones' apologizes to fans (you know why)

Spoilers, spoilers and more spoilers. The actor who plays Jon Snow feels like he owes viewers a big heaping "I'm sorry."

By May 2, 2016


Fitbit CEO disses Apple Watch

Apple's smartwatch takes the wrong approach to wearable devices, says Fitbit's James Park.

By May 3, 2016


James Cameron confirms four 'Avatar' sequels

It's time to go back to Pandora, as James Cameron confirms plans to release four sequels to his top-grossing CGI film "Avatar" -- and according to the director, his ideas have left people "speechless."

By April 17, 2016


Buy this James Bond-level amphibious Lamborghini super car

Calling all Daniel Craig wannabes. Your amphibious super car is ready to plunge into the cold water. You will need to provide your own billionaire supervillain.

By April 12, 2016


James Bond, Elvis Presley and the world's oldest private car collection

The Louwman museum in The Hague, Netherlands, holds a collection of 230 historic automobiles, including James Bond's DB5 from the movie "Goldfinger" and one of Elvis Presley's Cadillacs. Although a privately-owned collection, the museum is open to the public, and features a large selection of pre-1910 cars, including one reputed to be the second automobile ever. Here is a selection of the cars on display.

53 Images By February 24, 2016


Go, speed gamer, go!

From CNET Magazine: Twitch fans love watching speedrunners blast through their favorite video games in record time.

By April 30, 2016


LeBron James lip-syncs in Samsung ad for virtual reality

Technically Incorrect: The Gear VR is a new Samsung hope. The great basketball star is here to sing its praises.

By December 27, 2015


Christoph Waltz is James Corden's dad (in very weird Clash of Clans ad)

Technically Incorrect: Clash of Clans likes to do interesting advertising. Its latest spot is no exception.

By December 22, 2015


LeBron James threatens Twitter critic with legal action

Technically Incorrect: Where else are you going to say you'll sue someone for saying you don't drive a Kia? In a Kia ad, of course.

By December 6, 2015


'Interstellar,' 'Selma' and more James Bond arrive on Hulu

Hulu isn't just about TV shows any more: December sees its movie catalog expand greatly.

By November 26, 2015