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How we test: Blu-ray players

Learn about CNET's testing procedures for Blu-ray players.

By February 10, 2014


Premiere Pro supports Retina displays, Windows 8

Adobe has caught up to Apple's Final Cut Pro with support for high-resolution Macs. It can use new MacBook Pro hardware acceleration, too.

By September 6, 2012


Faster Chromebooks unshackle Chrome OS: Hands-on

For the cloud crowd, Samsung's new $449 Chromebook and $329 Chromebox give a much-needed performance boost to Google's browser-based OS. They're still not for most computer users, though.

By May 29, 2012


Xbox 720 to ship with 16-core CPU?

The latest rumor surrounding Microsoft's upcoming console is a crazy one that has the device equipped with an insanely powerful central processing unit.

By April 13, 2012


Study finds passive 3D TVs superior to active

A study by the author of the well-respected DisplayMate calibration software, pitting active 3D TVs against passive ones, finds passive models better in most aspects of picture quality.

By September 7, 2011


How 3D content works: Blu-ray vs. broadcast

Not all 3D is the same. Knowing how to get the best 3D content for your TV will ensure your TV looks its 3D best.

By May 17, 2011


Reviewed: Blu-ray setup discs for your HDTV

Setup discs help you ensure that you're getting the best performance from your TV. These discs will help you out, no matter what your skill level.

By May 10, 2011


Passive 3D vs. active 3D: Hands-on TV comparison

CNET compares the 3D picture quality of two HDTVs, one equipped with active and one with passive glasses technology.

By January 20, 2011


iPhone 4 beats Google Nexus S and HTC HD7 in screen battle

What's brighter than the sun, whiter than the snow, and blacker than the heart of a pirate? It's not the screen of an iPhone 4, but it comes close.

By December 23, 2010


Hands-on: Hulu Plus on the Samsung BD-C6900

CNET takes a hands-on look at the new premium Hulu Plus service on the Samsung BD-C6900 Blu-ray player.

By July 20, 2010