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How smartphones and cameras are changing weddings

Guests who tweet, Facebook and Instagram their way through weddings are becoming more and more common. Is technology changing the way we get married?

By November 28, 2012


How bad is the Mac malware scare? (FAQ)

Windows users are familiar with the fake anti-malware ruse, but this is the first time it's been targeted at the smaller Mac market. CNET tells you what MacDefender is and what it means for Macintosh users.

By May 19, 2011


A new way to see the Internet: the Google Chrome videos

Advertising firm BBH has produced a series of videos for the Google Chrome browser, and you have to give them credit for creating such intuitive, almost naive metaphors for a very unemotional 'technocratic' brand.

By December 24, 2009


NASA hacker loses bid to avoid extradition

Gary McKinnon's latest attempt to avoid prosecution in the U.S. has been dismissed. The London man was accused seven years ago of hacking into NASA and U.S. military computers.

By July 31, 2009


Date set for NASA hacker hearing in U.K.

Britain's high court will consider next month whether self-confessed hacker Gary McKinnon should be tried in the U.K., instead of the U.S., in a case that dates back to 2001.

By June 17, 2009


Money is dead: Five alternative programs to keep track of your cash

With the news that Microsoft is to stop selling Money, we've shelled out five alternative programs to keep track of your finances at home and on the go

By June 12, 2009


NASA hacker McKinnon 'at risk,' lawyer says

At a hearing in London, the defense argues that Gary McKinnon could suffer "psychotic disruption" if his pending extradition to the U.S. is upheld.

By June 10, 2009


Brits use SEO strategies to fight terrorism

The United Kingdom plans to coach moderate Islamic groups on how to manipulate Google rankings in the online fight against radicalization--or radical impressions--of the religion.

By April 20, 2009


NASA hacker judicial review date set

A high court judicial review of Gary McKinnon's case will be held in early summer.

By March 2, 2009


NASA hacker McKinnon moves closer to extradition

Gary McKinnon's hopes of avoiding extradition to the US now rest on a judicial review, following a decision not to charge him under UK law.

By February 26, 2009