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Toshiba jacks up 2.5-inch hard-drive speed: Tops 10K rpm

Toshiba is keeping 2.5-inch spinning hard disk drives interesting by boosting the rpm well above the drive speeds of laptops.

By Jul. 11, 2012


Issue: Loose headphone jacks in MacBooks

Many people are having problems keeping headphones connected on the unibody 13-inch MacBook and 15-inch MacBook Pro. It seems as though a connected plug will easily slip out of the jack enough to lose the connection, causing the audio to switch from "He

By Mar. 10, 2009


Wear your A/V jacks

The T-shirt features just about every imaginable socket found on your beloved TVs and amplifiers.

By Aug. 13, 2008


JibJab jacks up $7.5 million

Company responsible for those "Elf Yourself" dance videos has raised funding from Sony Pictures Entertainment, Overbrook Entertainment, and Polaris Venture Partners.

By Jan. 8, 2009


BT jacks up landline prices by ten per cent

Struggling BT is hoiking up the cost of a landline or Internet connection. There are ways to beat the increase, but you'll have to be quick

By Jul. 19, 2010


AT&T jacks up DSL price $5 per month

Economic pressure forces the company to raise prices, affecting new and existing customers of its three lower-speed tiers of service.

By Feb. 5, 2008


When are Walkman phones going to have built-in 3.5mm jacks?

I fear that Sony Ericsson might be misunderstanding its Walkman phone market if it doesn't add a built-in 3.5mm jack to one of its phones soon.

By Feb. 7, 2007


How to make LPs sound better than ever

Turntable phono cartridges' miniscule voltage output needs high quality amplification, NAD's nifty little PP2i will transform your analog sound.

By Jan. 29, 2014

Editors' Take

Lenovo C560 Touch All-in-One

With a 23-inch display, easy expandability, and a starting price around $660, this could be your family's next PC.

By Jan. 5, 2014

MSRP: $549.00


Getting better all the time: M-Audio BX5 Carbon speakers

The Audiophiliac checks out another high-performance, yet affordable desktop monitor speaker from M-Audio.

By Feb. 23, 2014