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Victorinox Swiss Army SSD: Storage for the jackpot winner

Victorinox introduces the world's first Swiss Army solid-state drive that's compact, offers large capacity, supports both USB and eSATA, and unfortunately comes with a hefty price tag.

By January 9, 2012


Jackpot! $15 million for Social Gaming Network

Parent company of the Warbook, Jetman, and Super Snake apps clunking up your friends' Facebook profiles has pulled in first-round funding.

By May 13, 2008


Will next arcade machines hit the jackpot?

They look awfully like slot machines to us

By May 22, 2007


Trying to lose weight? DietBet puts your money where your cake-hole is

Join the Cheapskate in a 28-day race to lose weight. Put up a few bucks and you could win (or at least share) a substantial jackpot.

By March 20, 2013


Prizefight: HD DVD vs. Blu-ray

Veronica goes to Vegas in search of the jackpot winner in the format wars.

May 21, 2008


Report: EA buys Shawn Fanning's Rupture for $30 million

After years known mostly for creating Napster, Fanning may finally have hit the financial jackpot.

By May 8, 2008


Vending machines let you exchange rubbish for rewards

New "reverse" vending machines installed in Sydney let you deposit recyclable waste in return for rewards.

By June 30, 2014


Report software piracy, get a shot at $1 million

For a limited time only, a major software industry group is dangling the reward for workplace whistleblowers, but it's at its sole discretion to decide what's worthy of the jackpot.

By July 2, 2007


It ain't easy being indie

Are indie game developers the next rock stars? They certainly think so. CNET News.com's Kara Tsuboi catches up with Kyle Gabler, a developer who may have just hit the jackpot with a Nintendo WiiWare contract. But the path to get there wasn't always easy.

By April 18, 2008


Drug overdose caused death of hacker

ATM hacker Barnaby Jack's death was an accidental drug overdose, said San Francisco's medical examiner's office.

By January 3, 2014