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Huawei Ascend G7 shows off its full metal jacket and massive screen (pictures)

Get up close and personal with the Huawei Ascend G7, a 5.5-inch Android phone with a full HD screen and surprisingly reasonable price tag.

10 Images By September 4, 2014

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DLO Action Jacket for Zune

Protective and versatile, the DLO Action Jacket definitely makes your Zune ready for action.

February 7, 2007

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Burton Audex iPod Field Jacket

The Burton Audex iPod Field Jacket is one of the most stylish and manageable ways to listen to your iPod while snowboarding or skiing.

October 16, 2007

4 stars Editors' rating October 16, 2007

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DLO Action Jacket iPod

An alternative to Apple's Shuffle Armband, the DLO Action Jacket's neoprene material is comfortable on the arm and offers protection against sweat in addition to allowing full access to the Shuffle's controls.

January 6, 2006


Map-free travel with the Navigate Jacket

Pedestrian accidents are on the rise as people are looking at their smartphones as they walk around. Now, a high-tech jacket has been developed to help people keep their heads up so they don't have to look at maps as they walk around. As CNET's Sumi Das shows us, the jacket has sensors that vibrate and light up to guide you.

By March 13, 2014

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DLO Jam Jacket iPod mini

DLO's Jam Jacket Pro Mini protects your iPod from minor bumps and scratches and allows full access to all your controls and ports.

January 3, 2006

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Lego Space flight jacket makes you look like a toy astronaut

Evil Mad Scientist takes on a DIY classic Lego Space flight jacket to commemorate years of service in the fictional astronaut corps.

By January 15, 2014


Zap! Yellow Jacket stun-gun case powers up for iPhone 5

The Yellow Jacket stun-gun case shows up in a new, improved version for CES. It's got a better design and more oomph for taking out an attacker.

By January 8, 2014

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DLO Jam Jacket iPod nano and Shuffle

The DLO Jam Jacket does a great job of protecting your Shuffle and maintaining its stylistic elements with its several color options.

January 6, 2006


Nokia Lumia 925 shows off its metal jacket (pictures)

The Nokia Lumia 925 is the first of Nokia's Windows Phone range to be built partly from aluminium rather than all plastic.

26 Images By May 14, 2013