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Canon IXUS 255 and 135 add Wi-Fi to share your snaps

The Canon IXUS 255, 135 and 132 are a trio of new IXUS pocket snappers, two of which have Wi-Fi for sharing snaps online.

By January 29, 2013


Canon IXUS 510 HS

August 1, 2012


Canon IXUS 1000 HS: Ten out of ten for a decade of IXUS

Canon is marking ten years of the stylish IXUS brand with the angular IXUS 1000 HS, with a spec sheet full of 10s. And the odd 3.7 or 8.8

6 Images August 20, 2010


Canon IXUS 115 HS

November 13, 2011


Canon IXUS 310 HS, 220 HS and 115 HS are ready to hit the town

Like a trio of usually well-dressed ladywomen stuffed into tinsel-lined cowgirl hats, the Canon IXUS 220 HS, and IXUS 115 HS are all dolled up in layers of slap for a night on the tiles.

9 Images February 7, 2011


Canon IXUS 300 HS: Holy Sh...moly, it costs how much?

Canon is putting some serious firepower in your pocket with the ultra high-end compact IXUS 300 HS camera -- it has a CMOS sensor, super slo-mo and an epic price tag

By May 12, 2010


Canon PowerShot SX210 IS, Digital IXUS 210, 130, 105: Make life worth living again

Canon has announced four cameras whose jolly hues aim to make life tolerable once more for those trapped in the perpetual grey misery of the British winter

5 Images February 9, 2010


Hands on with the 2010 Canon IXUS and PowerShot range

Canon's new PowerShot and IXUS range for 2010 features a host of updates to popular models, from svelte cameras to superzoom monsters.

8 Images February 8, 2010


Canon IXUS 120 IS and 200 IS: Why, a touchscreen! How novel

These aren't just cameras: these are Canon IXUS cameras. The IXUS 200 and 120 may not be pushing the envelope of compact camera design, but they are slick little snappers

6 Images August 20, 2009


Canon IXUS 200 and 120, and PowerShot SX20, S90 and G11 announced

Canon announces its first touchscreen and latest compacts with the launch of the IXUS 200 and 120, and PowerShot SX20, S90 and G11

By August 19, 2009