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Icuiti iWear

You're better off watching the screen on your iPod or PVP than investing in the Icuiti iWear. Wait for a next-generation version with improved comfort and video quality.

By August 22, 2007

1.5 stars Editors' rating August 22, 2007

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Vuzix iWear video headphone slaps a 720p screen on your face

It's not virtual reality, but the latest headwear from Vuzix offers up big headphones and a large hovering screen for all your games and movies.

By January 8, 2015


Control RideOn ski goggles with your eyes

A new startup promises the world's first true augmented-reality ski goggles for skiers and snowboarders that you can control with your eyes.

By January 20, 2015


Headphones for your eyes: Avegant and Vuzix focus on movies and games, not VR (hands-on)

They're not exactly VR, but head-worn video glasses were once again lurking in Las Vegas, promising entertainment on your face. Can the idea finally take off?

By January 13, 2015


Will Apple's iWatch actually be called iWatch?

We're already used to the concept of smartwatches. Is that one reason why Apple will not call its rumored new gadget a watch?

By August 31, 2014


Augmented reality edges closer to mainstream

New crop of entrepreneurs finds new uses for the concept of augmented reality through video glasses and iPhone apps that may let users feed virtual dragons.

By June 3, 2010


Crave giveaway of the week: Vuzix AV310 wearable display

For this week's Crave Giveaway, we're serving up Vuzix's AV310 Widescreen, a wearable display that projects a 52-inch virtual screen and is compatible with video iPods and iPhones.

By June 25, 2009


Vuzix glasses see iPhone in 3D

Now iPhone users can see 3D films with new Vuzix iWear glasses, or by picking up a new (and pricey) cable to be used with an older pair from the company.

By April 3, 2009


Vuzix eyewear: Wear a wide screen on your head

Ever wanted to view a 52-inch screen from nine feet away in the comfort of your own home, without the 52-inch screen?

By September 16, 2008


ezGear makes ezPlay for ezVision

DVD player for video glasses made EZ

By December 14, 2006