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Brain Training Calculation Master

Let's improve Math ability in your free time! Play and Repeat this practice, your calculation speed will be so much faster.And, get quick wit with...

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Sudoku Puzzle ON LINE - Over 5,000 puzzles! The optimum free brain training puzzle game for killing time

Free Sudoku puzzles you can play whenever you have free time.Play all stages free, with no charges!Over 5,000 puzzlesMore puzzles added all the...


Japanese-created training for the Japanese syllabaries

This is an application to learn the Japanese syllabaries and has been created by a Japanese team.Characteristics- Support for hiragana and...


'Pixels' trailer shows Donkey Kong and Pac-Man invading Earth

Sony Pictures has released a new trailer for "Pixels," Adam Sandler's upcoming movie about aliens sending classic video game characters on a mission of destruction.

By March 18, 2015


Tim Cook's review of new Apple book: 'Nonsense'

In rare fit of pique, Apple's CEO slams a new book about the company and its performance since Steve Jobs left.

By March 18, 2014


Steve Jobs reportedly thought TVs a 'terrible business'

Before resigning as CEO, the Apple co-founder told key employees that he didn't think Apple should get into the business because of its poor margins, according to a new book.

By March 16, 2014


Tim Cook "a better manager than Steve Jobs" new book says

A new book sheds some light on Apple in the post-Jobs era. And it sounds like Tim Cook is still scary, but a bit more of a people person.

By March 2, 2014


Surprise! Apple's Tim Cook is both scary and caring, says new book

In an excerpt from a new book about Apple after Steve Jobs, little emerges that many hadn't already suspected.

By March 1, 2014


Game Masters video-game exhibition coming to the Powerhouse

Melbourne's Game Masters exhibition, celebrating 30 years of the world's most influential video-game designers, is coming to Sydney for the holiday season.

By November 13, 2013


Pac-Mania, alive and well

Pac-Man celebrated its 33rd birthday this week, causing us to reflect on just how deeply the hit game and its distinctive characters have etched themselves onto the global psyche.

By May 24, 2013


Apple prepping a less-expensive iPhone, WSJ reports -- again

Following Digitimes, of all places, the Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is working on a less-expensive iPhone and could launch it later this year -- which is pretty much what the WSJ also reported...two years ago.

By January 8, 2013


GDC 2011 looks back as Nintendo's Iwata recalls 25 years of gaming

This year's Game Developers Conference instead casts an eye back at the last 25 years of game development.

By March 2, 2011


iPad 2 is thinner, lighter and in production already, says report

Apple's iPad 2 has entered production, according to a well-sourced report in the Wall Street Journal. It claims the device will be thinner, lighter and will sport at least one camera.

By February 9, 2011