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Nintendo Chief Iwata: Wii U sales 'not bad'

Satoru Iwata says his company's new console is "selling steadily" but doesn't say if the hardware will hit the initial sales forecast of 5.5 million units by the end of March.

By Jan. 7, 2013


Nintendo's Iwata 'very sorry' for Wii U's launch omissions

Console buyers should be able to use all hardware features right away, says the president of Nintendo. They couldn't with the Wii U.

By Nov. 29, 2012


Iwata aims to adapt Nintendo 3DS sales pitch

The Nintendo chief says his company must do a better job of explaining to consumers why they should want to get their hands on the portable-gaming device.

By Apr. 27, 2011


GDC 2011 looks back as Nintendo's Iwata recalls 25 years of gaming

This year's Game Developers Conference instead casts an eye back at the last 25 years of game development.

By Mar. 2, 2011


Nintendo's Iwata dismisses iPad, 3D gaming

In AP report, Nintendo's Satoru Iwata says he doesn't believe Apple's iPad provides the kind of value some hoped it would. He also doesn't see much value in 3D gaming.

By Jan. 29, 2010


Nintendo's Iwata opens GDC with games, Wii storage news

Many had been hoping for major announcements, but the Nintendo president did unveil three new titles and SD storage and auto-game loading for the Wii.

By Mar. 25, 2009


Nintendo starts health business to improve your quality of life

The company also indicated that it plans to stay the course in gaming, despite its recent troubles.

By Mar. 3, 2014


Uh oh: Nintendo cuts Wii U sales forecast by 69 percent

The company hoped to sell 9 million Wii U units between April 2013 and March 2014. It now expects to sell just 2.8 million units.

By Jan. 17, 2014


Nintendo turns to health to revive its flagging fortunes

The games giant is planning to focus on health, which it will tie into its games in future. Though exactly how isn't really clear.

By Feb. 2, 2014


Nintendo: Smartphones? Blech! It's all about the consoles

At a strategy briefing in Tokyo, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata vows that the company's turnaround plans don't involve mobile. Plus: Mario Kart 8 is coming in May.

By Jan. 29, 2014