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IVDR devices: Like flash cards, but with hard drives

They're small, they plug in easily, and these doodads pack a heck of a lot of storage that could come in handy for your video needs.

By October 2, 2007


Hitachi unveils super-slim LCD TVs in Singapore

They're so thin and light that even thin and light models can carry them.

By November 14, 2007


Sanyo's GPS-TV combo for the car

The "Gorilla" is coming to Japan next month.

By October 26, 2007


Gadgets of the future gather in Japan

The Ceatec trade show brings together the big names in consumer electronics and puts the nation's weakness for tech on full display.

By October 9, 2007


Digital home entertainment hits the road

Theater-quality entertainment systems are coming to the car. Is rush hour ready for wireless file swapping? Photo gallery: Consumer gear takes a test drive

By October 19, 2004


Setting standards for removable drives

A group of Japanese electronics manufacturers will form a trade group to set standards for removable 2.5-inch hard drives.

By March 4, 2002