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Why Nike is pulling the plug on FuelBand

Fitness-tracking wristbands are a hot gadget category, but Nike doesn’t see a future in FuelBand hardware. Also: Microsoft tests a new Office program and Nintendo’s Game Boy celebrates a noteworthy birthday.

By April 21, 2014


​2014 Honda Accord Plug-In: Banishing Honda's bungled hybrid past (CNET On Cars, Episode 40)

Honda Accord Plug-In delivers huge MPG but with some odd twists, the inside scoop on the new backup camera law, and Cooley's top 5 cars with a stick.

By February 28, 2014


Apple to pull plug on social music network Ping on September 30

Company's music-centric social service -- largely viewed as an Apple misstep -- becomes obsolete with greater Facebook and Twitter integration in iTunes.

By September 12, 2012


Ping is dead, banished from iTunes after it updates

Apple has finally pulled the plug on its pathetic social network Ping, replacing it with Facebook integration.

By September 13, 2012


Car Tech Live 239: Porsche Panamera Turbo S (podcast)

The most reliable cars are... Plus, the Nissan Leaf spawns a plug-in cousin, Ford stops your teen from texting while driving, a scathing report on red-light cameras, and we drive the Porsche Panamera Turbo S.

By October 28, 2011


Car Tech Live 203: Get ready to get plugged-in

In this episode, Toyota gets exonerated, Hummer owners pretend their cars are electric, and do you wear your seatbelts?

By February 10, 2011


CNET Roadside Assistance 028:Where we fix your Droid pairing problems for free. (podcast)

This week, we look at VW integration with a Droid X, figure out how to add iPod integration to a Lexus, and find out what you can plug into your OBD2 port.

By August 25, 2011


Car Tech Live 230: Ford and Toyota team on car tech (podcast)

Ford and Toyota team on car tech, Audi announces plug ins & hybrids, In-car internet radio explodes, and we take you - but just one of you - for a ride in the Scion iQ.

By August 25, 2011


Mufin opens up with Facebook app and iTunes plug-in

Scientific music search tool Mufin opens up and launches its iTunes plug-in for sorting through your music for recommendations.

By November 20, 2008


The 404 Podcast 493: Where we pulled the plug on the Microsoft keynote

Clayton Morris joins CNET's The 404 Podcast for another show live from the CNET stage at CES 2010.

By January 7, 2010