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Rhapsody sheds staff, execs amid difficult music market

The digital-music subscription service trims its work force by 15 percent, or about 30 employees, including its president.

By September 16, 2013


iTunes 9.2 available for download

iTunes 9.2 is available for download, ahead of the release of the new iPhone so features specific to that device will be functional when it arrives. Beyond this, the update addresses problems with album artwork displaying slowly, and includes a few new features such as syncing PDF documents as books, and organizing iOS4 apps into folders. Since iTunes 9.2 will be required for use with the new iPhone, if you are planning on upgrading your phone you might consider getting the software installed and ensure everything works on that end before upgrading your hardware.

By June 16, 2010


Apple releases iTunes 9.2 with iOS 4 compatibility

Latest update to the music software includes new features in Apple's latest iPhone and iPod Touch software, like folders and PDF syncing.

By June 16, 2010


Apple releases new developer builds of OS X 10.7.2 and iCloud

Apple is actively updating and refining its software and services in preparation for the iCloud release next month, and issued new builds of iCloud, iPhoto, and OS X today.

By August 26, 2011


iTunes 9.0.2: CD tracks not importing on first try (Fixed with iTunes 9.1?)

Users are experiencing issues when attempting to import tracks from compact discs to iTunes. The disc unmounts and does not complete the importing process requiring the user to eject the disc and reinsert it each time (when it then works).

By April 9, 2010


Apple releases iTunes 9.2.1

An update to iTunes is available, which is basically a security update to address an issue where a maliciously crafted website could lead to the application quitting or arbitrary code being executed. According to Apple's knowlegebase article on the security content of the update, the bug at hand occurs when a buffer overflow in the handling of iTunes URLs (itpc) is exploited.

By July 19, 2010


iTunes 10.1: Music in mono

Some users are finding that after updating to iTunes 10.1, their music is playing entirely in mono sound.

By December 8, 2010


Apple updates iTunes 9.2, MobileMe: Lost your phone? There's an app for that

iTunes 9.2 has arrived, ready to mate with the iPhone 4, while Apple has also unveiled MobileMe app that will wipe your phone

By June 18, 2010


Apple releases iTunes 9.1, iPhoto 8.1.2

Apple has released updates for iTunes and iPhoto.

By March 30, 2010


Get a 2GB iPod Shuffle knockoff for $9.99

If it walks like an iPod Shuffle and quacks like an iPod Shuffle, then it's an...iPod Shuffle crossed with a duck? No, just a nearly identical clone.

By July 22, 2010