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Itronix GoBook II

The "ruggedized" GoBook II can take a pounding, but it's huge and expensive. Don't consider it unless you have extreme computing needs.

By April 29, 2003

3.5 stars Editors' rating April 29, 2003

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Report: Microsoft wants $15 per Android handset

South Korea's Maeil Business Newspaper says Samsung is willing to pay $10 per Android handset if Microsoft agrees to a closer alliance on Windows.

By July 6, 2011


Microsoft, Wistron ink Android patent deal

The software giant signs an agreement with Taiwanese contract manufacturer Wistron to cover patents also related to Google's other operating system, Chrome OS.

By July 5, 2011


Itronix Hummer GoBook VR-1

Despite the solid construction and the included GPS system, the sheer sticker shock of the Itronix Hummer GoBook VR-1 restricts its target audience to Hummer fetishists and construction-site foremen.

May 21, 2008


General Dynamics' most ruggederiest laptop ever

The GoBook XR-1 gets refreshed and rebranded as the GD8000.

By March 15, 2009


Notebook PCs for the accident-prone

Panasonic upgrades its Toughbook line, and General Dynamics shows off a tiny drop and spill-proof notebook.

By June 3, 2007


A Hummer that fits in your lap

A Hummer that fits in your lap

By August 31, 2005