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The real reasons Apple's 64-bit A7 chip makes sense

Don't swallow Apple's marketing lines that 64-bit chips magically run software faster than 32-bit relics. What the A7 in the iPhone 5S does do, though, is pave the way for Apple's long-term future.

By September 11, 2013


In Itanium legal tiff, HP wins over Oracle

A California superior court finds for Hewlett-Packard in the ongoing litigation with Oracle relating to the Intel Itanium platform.

By August 1, 2012


Oracle: Reports of Itanium's life greatly exaggerated

"HP has secretly contracted with Intel to keep churning out Itaniums so that HP can maintain the appearance that a dead microprocessor is still alive," Oracle says in a recent court filing.

By November 19, 2011


Otellini's legacy at Intel: Plentiful profits, mobile misfires

When Intel's CEO since 2005 retires next year, the company will still face a problem it's barely begun to solve: finding a foothold in the mobile market.

By November 19, 2012


HP edges away from Itanium, adds x86 to servers

Servers based on Intel's IA-64 processors are losing developers right and left, so HP is hedging its bets with a move toward x86.

By November 23, 2011


HP recruiting EU in its Itanium fight against Oracle

It's pushing European antitrust regulators to review the way Oracle decided to cut off support for Intel's Itanium processor.

By November 23, 2011


Hewlett-Packard sucks wind with $8.9B loss, cuts outlook

HP's third quarter results are, well, not good. The company is "still in the early stages of a multi-year turnaround," CEO Meg Whitman says.

By August 22, 2012


Oracle pays $2 million SEC fine to settle India corruption case

The SEC said that employees of Oracle's India unit structured transactions with the government to allow distributors to hold $2.2 million in "unauthorized side funds."

By August 16, 2012


Oracle's choice to nix Itanium support hurts HP sales

Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker acknowledges that Oracle's decision earlier this year is scaring away customers.

By August 19, 2011


SAP to pay $306M to Oracle after infringement fight

SAP will be paying Oracle a damage award of $306 million in the copyright infringement suit.

By August 2, 2012