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Gordon Murray Design launches T.25 City Car, iStream process

Gordon Murray Design announces availability of the T.25 City Car and licenses for the company's new iStream manufacturing process.

By March 2, 2009


HP buys mobile music company Melodeo

Acquisition of Seattle start-up specializing in mobile tunes could help computer giant create over-the-air streaming music service for WebOS devices.

By June 24, 2010


HP releases iPhone app for MediaSmart Server

Hewlett-Packard releases software update that adds streaming content to mobile devices like the iPhone and Sony PSP.

By April 13, 2009


Terra Lycos cues music, movie services

The Spanish Internet media company makes a big push into broadband entertainment, signing deals with iFilm and Listen.com.

By June 11, 2002


Data, downloads and Microsoft

The company taps VoiceStream Wireless and Verizon Wireless to debut its Windows-powered PocketPC devices in the United States.

By March 18, 2002


Cingular dials into wireless workplace

Cingular Wireless is selling access to workplace e-mail from cell phones--but will text messaging end up being a sour disappointment for carriers?

By March 11, 2002


AT&T readies network for the masses

AT&T Wireless introduces two low-priced cell phones along with a low-priced calling plan in an effort to lure more customers onto its new, expensive network.

By March 5, 2002


Costs rising in Cingular network upgrade

The amount the wireless carrier will spend to upgrade its cell phone network to offer higher-speed service may have ballooned by as much as $1 billion.

By December 3, 2001


VoiceStream launches new phone network

The company flips the switch on a nearly nationwide network capable of sending e-mails or phone calls at speeds three times faster than its competitors.

By November 14, 2001


VoiceStream details high-speed service

Wireless service provider VoiceStream has released some additional details about it high-speed phone service it will call "iStream," which may be launched by year's end. According to the VoiceStream Web site, the service will offer "PingPong," which will let consumers send 140-character text messages between cell phones. Downloadable ring tones, such as the theme from "The Simpsons" will also be marketed. A description of the rate plans are also available by visiting VoiceStream.

By October 3, 2001